We’re standing against all forms of discrimination, harassment and bullying and as a valued member of our University community, we’re asking you to stand with us. We’re creating an inclusive and supportive environment where everyone can thrive.

Expect Respect is our anti-harassment campaign, launched in March 2021, in partnership with the Students' Union. 

Our Report and Support tool aims to provide a secure environment for those affected by harassment and bullying to speak out about unacceptable behaviour and to get support. You can also use the tool to find out how you can support someone you know who may have experienced harassment or bullying. 

Find out more about the campaign by watching our Expect Respect video below, featuring our students and staff: 

Any form of harassment and bullying in the learning or working environment is never acceptable. We will do all we can to stop this and to support those who may have gone through it. 

Stand with us against all forms of harassment including: 

  • Bullying: including cyberbullying, or any unwanted behaviour that makes a person feel that they are being harassed, 
  • Sexual harassment or sexual violence
  • Hate crime: including discriminatory actions and behaviours where people find themselves being treated less favourably because of who they are.  
We are committed to improving transparency and accountability and ensuring that we as a University do better. 

Our Report and Support tool 

We encourage anyone who has ever experienced any form of harassment or bullying to speak out by using our Report and Support tool, regardless of when the incident took place. Do you know someone who has been affected by harassment or bullying? You can also use the tool to help support someone you know.

Watch this video to see how Report and Support works.

You can either report anonymously or report with your contact details, where we will then be able to provide you with further support. If you choose to report anonymously, please know you can always seek support from The Student Hub. If you ever change your mind and wish to share your contact details, you can always report the incident again using your contact details, where you will then receive specific support, dependent on the incident. 

This website has a wealth of information so you can be informed regarding what behaviours are unacceptable, where to go for support, find out our policies, and how you can support someone you know. 

Respect champions and harassment contacts 

The Respect Champions promote and support the work of the Expect Respect campaign group throughout the student and staff bodies of the University. They provide a vital link between colleagues, students, senior leaders and the campaign group itself. Find out more about the campaign group.

Harassment Contacts provide a confidential service to staff and students who feel bullied or harassed, they also support those who have been accused of harassment. Find out more about Harassment Contacts

There are two ways you can tell us what happened